Big Picture Approach from a Baltimore Creditors’ Rights Attorney

Public perception does not always match reality and in recent years, the banking industry has taken some hits. Creditors have the right to protect their interests but it is important to work with a legal professional who gets the business and has practical foresight.

Lenders are necessary market participants that take on risk. This risk allows others to participate in the economic cycle that keeps markets like housing and ABL progressing. Unfortunately, the general public does not see this and instead tends to view lenders as corporate giants waiting to take advantage of the little guy. It takes intimate familiarity with both the legal terrain and the practical considerations to do business in this environment. The Maryland bankruptcy attorneys at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg focus their practice in areas affecting Baltimore lenders, approaching problems with a big-picture approach.

The balance in protecting creditor interest

Lenders do have protective rights when they loan money to a debtor. The debtor agrees to pay the loan back; if he or she defaults, the creditors have avenues for recourse. Depending on the stage of the default, the creditor is permitted to pursue the defaulted amount, appear in court to challenge a debtor’s potential discharge of the debt or to weigh in on the debtor’s bankruptcy, or to share in the bankruptcy estate. Enlisting wise counsel is a way to improve outcome and efficiency at each of these stages and if you are a corporation appearing in court, having an attorney at the helm is critical.

Baltimore law firm dedicated to creditors’ rights

There are many situations where a creditors’ rights attorney is a valuable asset in protecting the lender’s rights while keeping the overall picture in view. Taking a strategic approach can help a legitimate creditor to recover a substantial portion of the outstanding amount owed. Experienced creditor’s rights attorneys understand how to pursue your claims while abiding by state and federal laws.

The experienced attorneys at Baltimore law firm Rosenberg Martin Greenberg can help when it comes to working with a debtor threatening or already in default. Whether you find yourself at the foreclosure, litigation, or bankruptcy stages, there are a lot of potential solutions but none are suitable to fix all problems. Our attorneys are here to help you prepare a loan modification, initiate a foreclosure, defend against a consumer rights claim, or assert your rights in bankruptcy court, all with a broad outlook toward likely outcomes.

Skillful and proactive representation can lead to an expeditious and economic resolution whereas claims that are not handled well can spin out of control. RMG attorneys regularly handle complicated creditor matters, taking a well-rounded and proactive approach that keeps the big picture in focus.

Let RMG get to work for you. RMG creditor’s attorneys serve Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Delaware and the Greater DC area. Call today to speak with one of our attorneys.