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Asset Based Lending Law Firm

The Asset-Based Lending Practice of Rosenberg Martin Greenberg is dedicated to enforceable security interests in different types of collateral and the negotiating of intercreditor agreements in connection with asset-based loans. This division of RMG is experienced in the structuring and documentation of asset-based loans, including loans secured by:

  • Inventory
  • Accounts receivable
  • Fixed assets
  • Machinery and other equipment
  • Health care receivables
  • Other tangible and intangible assets

We understand the need for sophisticated loan and security agreements which give lenders the ability to effectively monitor collateral and, if necessary, liquidate in the event of a default. All of the lawyers on this team understand the unique and complex issues related to asset-based lending, and provide the most effective and efficient counsel to our lender clients.

Complex Asset-Based Transactions

As legal counsel to top lending and financial institutions, we are extremely well-versed in the complexities of asset-based transactions including loans further complicated by restructuring, insolvency proceedings and intangible assets.  In the past, asset based lending was considered a less-than-desirable option that only appealed to poor credit risks. Today, it is a mainstream tool that is widely used by both growing and well-established businesses. As a result, transactions and lending instruments have become increasingly more sophisticated.

Managing Risk and Collateral in Asset-Based Lending

The Asset Based Lending Division of RMG deals in both tangible and intangible collateral to secure asset-based transactions including:

  • Liquid collateral
  • Accounts receivable
  • Intellectual property

The Asset-Based Lending Division of RMG applies the highest level expertise to reveal any and all contingencies in favor of our lender clients’ best interest. Due diligence plays an even more critical role than in traditional financing agreements. We take every precaution to ensure that borrowers furnish all requisite documents to prove collateral stability. Our experts supplement this information with our own investigation, research, and comprehensive risk-benefit analysis. Our experience in complex transactions affords us the insight to evaluate the best deal structures for our clients. Our reputation depends on it.

Legal Counsel for Asset-Based Lenders in Maryland

When it comes to strategy and structuring of the legal issues surrounding any asset-based loan, lenders need a dedicated team of experts who add value to the deal. RMG is an industry leader at that intersection where law, banking, and business matters meet.  In addition to careful analysis and diligent investigation, we draft the legal documents needed to close the deal. Working with an asset-based lending lawyer is the only way to ensure you get this job done right.

For 30 years, Rosenberg Martin Greenberg has been hard at work perfecting asset-based lending transactions for our clients in and around Maryland, Delaware, and the greater DC metro area. We look forward to putting our time-tested experience to work for you.

Asset Based Lending Team

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