Benefits of Legal Document Review Services

When lenders face changing circumstances regarding a loan, the wise course of action is to have a trained eye review the legal and practical implications of a lender’s decision to assert a default, exercise remedies under the loan documents, or to settle the loan. The world of lending gives rise to a surfeit of documents, any of which may impact the lender’s rights, as well as be impacted by the growing body of state and federal legislation.

The careful and thorough document review attorneys of Rosenberg Martin Greenberg analyze relevant documents when lenders are considering the options in the event of potential or actual default. These steps help protect the lender’s rights, and may protect the lender from taking an unauthorized or imprudent action.

Eliminate surprises with a legal document review

Whether a loan involves real estate or some other collateral, a lender’s rights and options are going to be bound by the details buried in the documentation. An error or omission in the loan documents or a defect in the title to the collateral will carry legal consequences down the line.

Some of the areas where a lawyer’s document review services can provide critical insight include:

  1. Reviewing mortgage-related documents;
  2. Ensuring good title;
  3. Analyzing implications of modification agreements;
  4. Confirming sufficiency of insurance-related documents; or
  5. Reviewing limitations of available remedies.

Is a document review attorney necessary?

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach to a complex transaction, the wise course of action is to work with an industry-trusted law firm to review your legal documents. There is no replacement for wise counsel provided by legal professionals with expertise in the lending field. Working with a respected law firm also affords the opportunity to build a relationship with professionals who remain on the lookout for legal changes that may impact your business.

Benefits of working with dedicated lenders’ attorneys

One of the realities of the lending business is that nothing happens independently; every step taken yesterday will have some impact today, just as today’s deals will affect tomorrow’s options. The loans entered into this week may lead to future modifications or foreclosures. As committed legal advisers for the lending industry, RMG attorneys are positioned to handle those matters that come up before, during, or after the closing of the loan and the exercise of the lender’s remedies upon default.

Some of the related matters we regularly handle for clients include:

  • Loan documentation;
  • Loan due diligence;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Foreclosure and other enforcement actions;
  • Loan modification; or
  • Note sales.

Legal document review services in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The attorneys at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg serve lenders in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington D.C. and the entire Mid-Atlantic region. We act decisively to enforce lender rights under the loan documents and the law. Call today to speak with one of our professionals and find out how our legal services can assist you.